A two-color, two-sided, two-language autobio zine about apricots, not knowing your grandparents, and what-ifs. Flipping left to right it reads in English; flipping right to left it reads in Chinese. The two stories meet in the center. Debuted at SPX 2016. Ignatz Award nominee for 2017

(Translation in captions for the Chinese pages)

Same Place Same Time

If we lived in the same place at the same time,

you might have cut my hair all crooked
just like my sister's.

Before I go out the front door, you'd ask,
"Meimei, did you put on a jacket?"
And we'd go to the backyard together and pick apricots

If you were still here,
if grandpa were still healthy,
I think that as a kid, I probably wouldn't have understood
what it meant to burn hell money.

I'd just like to carefreely
spend time with you two

We could go feed grandpa together

plate after plate of fresh apricots.

But we never lived in the same place at the same time

Full cover and center spread:

© Ann Xu 2018